A poem by Stephen Kessler from Garage Elegies, Black Widow Press, 2018
Images by Mary Heebner adapted from the collage series, Veiled / Unveiled, 2018

About the images: A portrait is by turns a layering and a peeling away— a chiaroscuro of form and shadow, memory and history, a shift of shapes in a play between obscurity and clarity. Layers veil and unveil what is noticed or simply sensed. The reading of a face as depicted in sculpture reveals its complexity as the relationship between viewer and viewed changes and deepens through time into intimacy.

Individual collage and hand-painting is added to each pigment-printed spread. A hand sewn booklet contains the poem, colophon and notes on the mythological Cassandra. Letterpress throughout. The 10” x 10” accordion structure, opens out over 75 inches This and the booklet rest in a zinc box, powder-coated luminous translucent red, and etched with a drawing and title on the lid.

The Poem by Stephen Kessler
The Mythological Cassandra
See the installation at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, UCSB

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