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Poems of Love

On the Blue Shore of Silence
Poems of the Sea

On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the sea by Pablo Neruda began in 1999 as a limited edition artists book. I created a series of sea-inspired paintings after visiting Isla Negra, Chile. I later coupled with a selection of Neruda's poems referencing the sea. A version of the handmade book was published by Harper Collins/Rayo in 2004 in celebration of Neruda's Centennial.

Intimacies: Poems of love by Pablo Neruda is a companion volume. I made a series of watercolor and powdered pigment paintings of the human form in motion which I paired with a selection of Neruda's later poems that spoke to me of what it is like to live in the world as a lover, in a word, intimately. This book was published in Fall 2008.

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