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Geography of a Face

Panta rhea – all things flow ... Heraclitus of Ephesus

These photo-scrolls are collages, made of thirty separately imagined 'topographies', made of paint, graphite over print, that, when joined together, form a face.

I traveled to Cambodia and photographed stone portraits at Angkor Wat and on the outer walls of a terrace in Angkor Thom. The faces were lovingly carved and exactly to scale, and although they were eroded through time and the elements, they radiated a soulful humanity. Yet, even stone goes the way of the humans who cut lasting images from its core. Its journey touches the slower edges of time, but steadily, stone remakes itself into earth, grain by grain.

We see only fragments. We try to understand how we fit in the bigger picture by piecing together fragments. Each recollection is imagined anew when we re-member, re-consider, re-construct the past—a weave that is at once, historic, mythic, and personal.

-journal notes, Cambodia

Photo Scrolls

(above photo © Lisa Candela)